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Head or Heart?

ImageRecently I’ve been challenged by trying to figure out what is best to decide with; head or heart! I assume everyone has experienced a time when they have had to choose between what their head is telling them  and what their heart is telling them… So I will try to help make that tricky decision. I recently decided that it was time for my relationship to end and deeply regret acting on that. I, as many others, was taught that the head is always right, but personally I’ve never been one to simply accept, my heart is screaming at me “Take her back now, you stupid ****!” whereas my head says “No, it didn’t work, if she takes you back now… She deserves so much more!” 

I have decided to go with the heart in this situation and will soon speak with her! I know this is not necessarily useful but knowing I can talk to someone really helps, thank you! 
How do you decide between head and heart?
Love always,

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